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I Forgot My Password to the EVV System. How Do I Reset It?

Coming soon: Visit [XXX] to get the EVV Portal website. Click the
“Forgot Password” link and follow the instructions on the screen.

I Do Not Have My Own Email Address. How Do I Get One?

You will need your own email address to use the EVV system. You CANNOT share an email address with anyone else (such as your Consumer-employer, your Surrogate, or your PCA) who is using EVV.
There are many sites where you can create a free email address, such as:







To get additional help, you can download our email sign-up guide or contact Tempus FI.


My Consumer’s Home Has No Wi-Fi and No Cell Service. Will the EVV App Still Work?

Yes. If you are a PCA, you do not need to be connected to the internet at the time that you clock-in or out of a shift. However, you will need to connect to the internet, at some point before the pay period is over, to upload your shift to the EVV system.

To upload your shift, simply connect to the internet and your shift will upload automatically. If you do not have a data plan or Wi-Fi at your own home, you can go to a grocery store, coffee shop, library, or other location with free Wi-Fi.

My Battery Died During My Visit. What Do I Do?

If your battery on your device dies during your shift and you are not able to clock out at the moment your shift ends, you will need to clock out once you are able to power your phone back on. The shift end time can then be manually adjusted by the consumer, surrogate, or PCA to have the correct end time. If your battery dies and you are able to power your phone on prior to your shift ending, you would clock out as normal.

I Forgot to Clock-In for a Shift. What Do I Do?

Coming soon: Visit [XXX] and log into the EVV Portal website. Click on your timesheet. Click the [X] button to create a shift manually.
Either the PCA or the Consumer can create a manual shift on the EVV Portal.

I Forgot to Clock-Out from a Shift. What Do I Do?

Coming soon: The shift will still be running, log into the EVV App and end your shift.
Then, visit [XXX] and log into the EVV Portal website. Once you are logged into the EVV Portal, you should:

1. Click on the action icon
2. Find the shift with the issue.
3. Click the three dots (…)button under the action column and click “Adjust Shift”
4. Put in your correct clock-out time
5. Select an option from the EXCEPTION menu.
6. Select an option from the Reason for Exception menu
7. Add a comment, if you want (this is optional)
8. Hit “Save”

How Do I Fix an Issue with My PCA’s Timesheet?

If your PCA’s timesheet has an issue, you can fix it in the EVV Portal. Visit [XXX] and log into the EVV Portal website. Once you are logged into the EVV Portal, there are several actions you can take, such as:

Adjusting a visit: if a PCA’s clock-in or clock-out time is wrong, you can adjust the shift to fix the error.

Creating a manual shift: if a PCA forgot to record a shift using the EVV App, you can create a shift manually.

Denying a shift: if a PCA recorded a shift by accident, you can deny it.

I Need More Help with EVV. Where Do I Go?

If you need more help, don’t worry! We are here to help. Please visit our Get Help page to ask for assistance.

Consumers and PCAs can contact Tempus FI for assistance. Consumers can also ask their Personal Care Management (PCM) Agency for help.