My Ombudsman Program

MassHealth is pleased to announce that the My Ombudsman program has expanded to serve members who receive their care via Fee For Service (FFS). This means that My Ombudsman is now able to assist any MassHealth member with questions or challenges accessing MassHealth covered benefits or services. More information about the My Ombudsman program is included below.

What is the My Ombudsman program? 

The My Ombudsman program is an independent, free service for all MassHealth members as well as members’ families, caregivers, and advocates. Many My Ombudsman staff are or have been MassHealth members, and have personal experience with disability.

What does My Ombudsman do? 

My Ombudsman staff can answer questions or help resolve challenges members may have getting their MassHealth benefits or services. For example, My Ombudsman staff can:

  • answer questions about benefits, member rights, and how to get services;
  • help you with any concerns you may have with your MassHealth benefits or health plan— staff will listen, talk to all relevant parties to understand the issue, discuss options, and bring people together to build solutions;
  • talk with you about how to file a grievance or an appeal and what to expect during the process. A grievance is a complaint and an appeal is a way of asking your MassHealth health plan to change a decision they made about your benefits.

How to contact My Ombudsman 

  • Call: (855) 781-9898; for TTY users, use MassRelay at 711, or VideoPhone (339) 224-6831. Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • The program has staff who use American Sign Language (ASL), speak Haitian-Creole, Portuguese, and Spanish. Interpreters can be provided for over 165 other languages as needed.
  • Email:
  • Please contact My Ombudsman directly or visit their website for updated information about location and walk-in hours.

For more information about My Ombudsman 

  • Visit the My Ombudsman website at or contact the directly to learn more, including the types of problems My Ombudsman can help with.
  • Individuals who would like to request My Ombudsman informational materials (such as brochures or posters) to have in their office or other space may do so by contacting My Ombudsman directly.

Note that members with any eligibility or enrollment related concerns should instead contact MassHealth Customer Service or a MassHealth Enrollment Center.

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