MRC Adult Supported Living Program and MRC Turning 22 Program

MRC Adult Supported Living Program


  •  Have a severe physical disability with secondary disability (sensory, cognitive, or emotional)
  • Experience difficulty managing daily activities
  • Would benefit from supports to live independently
  • Be own guardian


Please contact:
Betty Sughrue Sneirson
Adult Supported Living Program Coordinator: 617.204.3722

MRC for the Turning 22 Program


  •  Chapter 688 plan
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Have a goal of independent living
  • Diagnosed with severe disability with mobility impairment
  • Individuals who would require residential services after graduation or turning 22
  • Would benefit from assistance in managing daily activities


Please contact:
Anna Hermann
Independent Living Programs Supervisor: 617.204.3786

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