Linked below are documents regarding COVID-19. We at Tempus Unlimited appreciate that PCAs and Workers are continuing to provide these much needed services during this difficult time. We all need to take every precaution to keep ourselves and those we’re around safe. Please review the links below with those people you come in contact with in the homes so that everyone will understand the measures we should be taking to remain healthy.


Please note that the hotline through MassOptions to connect MassHealth PCA Consumers to services in the event their PCA is unavailable is live now. Consumers can call 844-422-6277 to be connected with home health services in their region.​

Free Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for PCAs: All PCAs can obtain PPE through 1199SEIU.  PCAs do not have to be a union member to access PPE through this option.  Please visit to register in English and to register in Spanish to receive a supply of PPE.

PCA Vaccine Information: Important Reminder

MassHealth recently sent out a communication to all Consumers, Surrogates, and PCAs regarding the PCA vaccine requirement.   If your agency is receiving phone calls about this correspondence, it is very important to inform Consumers and PCAs that vaccine attestation forms should NOT be sent to MassHealth, PCMs, or FIs.  Instead, individual Consumer-employers and PCAs may retain these attestation forms for their own records, as needed.

Any calls you receive from PCAs regarding vaccine related questions may be redirected to the LTSS Provider Service Center, as they are prepared to take these calls:

Please do not direct callers to contact MassHealth customer service with questions about the vaccine requirement. Instead, they may contact the LTSS Provider Service Center using the contact info above.

PCA Vaccine Information 2021

CDC Worker Vaccine InformationImportant Reminder

EOEA and the ASAPs recently sent out a communication to all Consumers, Surrogates, and Workers regarding the CDC Worker vaccine requirement.

For information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine requirement, please go to: COVID-19 Vaccinations for Certain Staff Providing Home Care Services in Massachusetts or speak with your Case Manager at your Aging Services Access Point (ASAP).

CDC Worker Vaccine Information 2021

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