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Click here to view the MassHealth EVV Letter (English) & (Spanish)

What is EVV?

EVV stands for “Electronic Visit Verification.” EVV is a new kind of timesheet system for the MassHealth PCA program. If you are required to use EVV, it will replace your current timesheet.

Federal law requires the MassHealth PCA program to use an EVV system. Other PCA programs across the United States have already started using EVV systems.

What Are the “EVV App” and “EVV Portal?”

The EVV system includes two parts:

  1. The EVV App: PCAs use the EVV App to clock-in at the beginning of each shift and clock-out at the end of each shift. The EVV app must be downloaded onto a smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet. The EVV App is only for PCAs – Consumers and Surrogates will NOT use the EVV App.
  1. The EVV Portal: Consumers and Surrogates use the EVV Portal to view and approve their PCAs’ time. The EVV Portal is a website that can be viewed on any device with a website browser, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet. PCAs can also use the EVV portal to view their timesheet, request Paid Time Off, and enter visits manually.

Am I Required to Use EVV?

Most Consumers and PCAs will be required to use EVV. If you are required to use EVV, you will start using the system at some point before the end of 2025. Not everyone will start using EVV at the same time.

There are two groups of people who are “exempt” from EVV. If you are exempt from EVV, it means you do NOT need to use the EVV system. If you are exempt from EVV, you will continue submitting paper timesheets or eTimesheets, just like you do today.

The following groups are exempt from using EVV:

  1. The Live-In Exemption: Consumers and PCAs who live in the same home permanently or for
    “extended periods of time” are not required to use EVV together.
  2. The Safety Exemption: Consumers or PCAs are not required to use EVV if using the system would cause a safety issue. For example, some victims of domestic violence or stalking cannot use a GPS-enabled smart device.

You will receive more information about exemptions closer to when it is your turn to start using EVV. If you qualify for the Live-In Exemption, you will need to recertify your exemption every year.

When Will I Start Using EVV?

Your EVV start date will depend on which of the two groups you fall into:

1 Consumers who started using the PCA program BEFORE January 1, 2024 (and their PCAs):

A small group of Consumers and PCAs will participate in an EVV pilot in Fall 2023. Those selected for the pilot will be notified by Tempus FI in August 2023.

All other Consumers and PCAs will begin using EVV between early 2024 and the end of 2025.  Starting in early 2024, a new group of Consumers and PCAs will start using EVV every 2-3 months.  Each group will be based on the Consumer’s last name.

Please note that you will receive a letter from Tempus FI approximately 2 months before it is your turn to start using EVV.  This letter will provide you with your specific EVV start date. The table below shows your estimated start date for EVV, and is subject to change.

Consumer’s Last Name Starts With:

Consumer and their PCA(s)

 will start using EVV:

A – BE Beginning of 2024
BF – C Spring 2024
D – GA Summer 2024
GB – K Fall 2024
L – MN Winter 2024/2025
MO – Q Early 2025
R – SL Spring 2025
SM – Z Summer 2025

If you are a PCA who works for more than one Consumer, you might not start using EVV for your other Consumers at the same time.  For instance, you may start using EVV for one Consumer in early 2024, but not start using EVV for a different Consumer until mid-2025.

2 Consumers who started using the PCA program AFTER January 1, 2024 (and their PCAs):

Any consumer who joins the PCA program after January 1, 2024 will begin to use EVV immediately. Their PCA(s) will start using EVV immediately as well.

What Will Change When I Start Using EVV?

If you a Consumer who is required to use EVV, the only thing that will change is your timesheet.

Instead of filling out a paper timesheet or eTimesheet, your PCA will clock-in and out of each visit using the EVV App.  Then, you will approve their time online using the EVV Portal.

The rules of the PCA program are NOT changing because of EVV. The only difference with EVV is your timesheet. EVV will not change the number of PCA hours you receive, how you train your PCAs, or how your PCAs provide care.

Will I Receive EVV Training?

Yes!  Tempus FI will provide EVV training to all Consumers, Surrogates, and PCAs before it is their turn to use EVV. Training will be offered online and in-person. 

Training is mandatory for PCAs. PCAs will be paid after completing their mandatory EVV training.

We strongly suggest that Consumers and their PCAs take the training.

What is an EVV Onboarding Letter?

You will receive a letter from Tempus FI about two months before it is your turn to use EVV. This is called the Onboarding Letter. The Onboarding Letter will contain important information about EVV, such as:

  • Your EVV start date
  • How to request an exemption
  • How to register for training
  • How to decide which device you’ll use for EVV
  • How to get help

It is very important that you read your Onboarding Letter carefully once you receive it.

Please note that you CANNOT request an exemption, register for training, or take other steps until you receive your Onboarding Letter.

Can I Use EVV on My Own Device?

Yes! Most Consumers and PCAs will use their own devices for EVV. If you are a PCA, you will need a smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet. If you are a Consumer or Surrogate, you will need a device with a web browser, such as a laptop computer, desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet.

If you do not have access to a device, or if you’re not comfortable using your own device, MassHealth will provide a voucher for one free smart device per Consumer and PCA. Learn more about devices by clicking here.

Do I Need to Start Doing Anything Now?

There are basic steps every Consumer and PCA should start taking:

  1. If you have not received your Onboarding Letter yet: You should make sure Tempus FI has your current contact information. To update your contact information, please click here.

Once you have updated your contact information, there is nothing else you need to do.

  1. If you have received your Onboarding Letter: Follow the instructions on the letter. Your Onboarding Letter will provide information about whether you should request an exemption, how to register for training, and how to decide which device to use.

If you lost your Onboarding Letter, or think your letter never arrived, please contact Tempus.

Please note that you will need an email address to use EVV. If you need help creating an email address, please click here.

How Do I Get Help?

Please click here to visit our Get Help page or visit https://tempusunlimited.org/evv/ and click “Get Help.”

Additionally, you can take the following steps:

  1. Consumers can contact their Personal Care Management (PCM) agency and ask to speak with their skills trainer
  2. Consumers and PCAs can contact Tempus FI customer service: